Every day I reread the previous blog before delving into the one for today. Of course, the first thing I saw was my typo. In spite of rereading before I hit publish, these are sometimes missed. I also find myself thinking I didn’t make clear what I was intending. This was true for yesterday. As I read the Bible each morning I walk away thinking we really are like sheep. Sheep do not learn from the mistakes of their elder sheep. They repeat every habit the elder sheep had. We do the same. The Bible makes this very clear. We today are repeating the sins of our forefathers and the nations before us. Man simply wants to make everything about him and not about God. In spite of all God does to enlighten us, we fall prey to our own selfishness, human curiosity and desires.

As I have been on this trek to find depth in the spiritual side of my relationship with God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, I find that my own consciousness to sin increases. I not only see sin more clearly, I see my own sin much more clearly and realize it is solely mine. I use to categorize sin measured against dad and my brother or some other family member. Today, I clearly see my sin and mine. The good thing is that I do see in this that the bondage of my past is pretty much broken. The reality is that I now clearly see myself as human–no different than my dad, my brother, etc. I am a sinner saved by Grace just as they were.

If there is any difference in my life from theirs, it is that God has given me a chance to live telling my story. I want to help those of my own generation to not walk the path the “other sheep” have taken. It may only be an influence for today, but for those it does touch, it will hopefully strengthen them to keep their eyes on the One True God. More than anything I simply want to obey my Shepherd’s Voice.

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