Yesterday brought forth the details of preparation which are needing to be addressed before we can have a healthy start to our fall ministries. It is not easy sometimes to take care of them as the work involves adjusting people who don’t fit the assignment they are presently in. It becomes important to address this with them yet do it through God’s leadership rather than man’s. We presently have a few important adjustments needing to take place. I fond myself dismayed and frustrated when I heard what a few people have said and done as though they were in charge and their actions didn’t matter.

Last night’s lesson in Celebrate Recovery was RELAPSE. In the lesson was some clear guidance I needed to be reminded. Stressful times are used by God to help sculpt us into the new creation He is making us into. We can allow these times to hone us or we can resist them and submit to “earthly ways” which Satan is always tempting us to do. The outcome is always telling. When the stress is handled, does the outcome look like God’s Work or does it look like man has handled this?

As I listened last night to the lesson and applied what I was hearing to the events of the day I knew God was helping me see the steps He wants taken. God’s Work always leaves man in awe. When this happens I always think–how in the world did that come about? I then look up and thank God for His Leadership. He is so GOOD–all the time!

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