the journey continues: july 13, 2019

Today is quiet. The night was noisy at times with the rumblings of thunder around. I got up to no coffee brewed since the electricity had gone off at some point. (That was a momentary crisis!) But, important now is that the storm is past, the morning is quiet, the coffee is brewed and the day is beginning.

I’m taking care of some vehicle issues this morning for my youngest, running a couple additional errands, and then the rest of the day I want to devote to my own reading of the materials we will use this Fall. There are lose ends to tie up in several areas, but I want to have myself mentally and spiritually prepared. God has gifted me some time to do this and I don’t want to waste it.

In my bible reading of I Kings I’m reading about Israel being divided following Solomon’s reign. In all of Solomon’s wisdom, he fell short using it in his own living. His desires/lust for foreign women drove him away from his One True God and in the end, the country was divided. A footnote in the bible said, Solomon’s gift of wisdom which God had granted him did not equate to obedience. I sense God’s Spirit telling me to take much heed to this message. Wisdom from God’s Holy Spirit–following His nudges takes obedience. This obedience is what the “new creation” does and it has to be done each and every day. My grasp of being a new creation is in place now. What I’m learning is that my commitment to living the life of a new creation takes obedience with each nudge The Holy Spirit gives. No excuses, no questioning, sheer obedience by saying, “Yes Lord” and then following through.

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