Today Kathy and I leave for Wallowa, OR for her family reunion on Saturday. I talked yesterday morning with her younger brother who will be staying with their sister as we will. He is the one who introduced me not only to Celebrate Recovery but also to the Restoration Ministry topics we started a year ago. He and the director of the ministry where he lives both came almost two years ago to our church introducing us to the work they do for God. I look forward to talking through where we are and where they are in our journeys of this ministry work of God.

This morning’s Bible reading has me into II Kings where God leads Jehu into ridding the last of King Ahab’s descendants. He also has Jezebel destroyed. It would seem that Jehu is doing just what God has led him to do. However, as you get into II Kings 10:29, you read that Jehu did not give up the sins of Jeroboam. Jeroboam was the king who broke away from Judah after Solomon died. In reading this I first thought it was some type of contradiction. How could we do God’s work and not give up sin? Instantly, God began to show me that all of my adult years I’ve done work for God which He has wanted me to do. However, while doing it I had not given up the sins of my past. The more recent one had been porn. It is very possible for one to do God’s work and still have other gods before him.

As I began to journal God was helping me see that my fears, when I give in to them, make me vulnerable to temptations of the flesh. It is when I surrender the fears to God admitting my human weakness that I turn away from these gods of my past. It is very easy to step back into old habits, but God is helping me to see this ahead of time. This is the day to day living that The Serenity Prayer focuses on when it says: “Living one day at a time, one moment at a time, taking hardship as a pathway to peace.” He has given me accountability which I daily use. Most of all, He has given me the assurance that I am a new creation to Him because of Christ Jesus’ sacrifice. I know that as along as I live in the flesh I will battle the temptations of flesh. However, now that I am growing stronger in “believing”, I believe the God I serve is our overcomer of the flesh through His Son–Jesus Christ!

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