The meeting with our Life Group pastor really went well. Not only was he interested in the book mentioned in yesterday’s blog, but I get to promote it with all the life group leaders when he gathers them in early August.

When I mentioned yesterday about meeting with our friend on Monday, I didn’t tell something that had stood out to me. The past they had has a lot of similarity to mine. They mentioned they were only two years old in addressing it and they could see I am further down the road of recovery. We talked some about my writing my recovery story in my autobiography–The Journey from Error to Heir. They hadn’t read it and I gave a copy to them. I also talked about this daily blog which I started because I realized my journey didn’t end with the writing of the book. I write this now because all of this conversation helped me see once again just how miraculous God’s healing is in trauma. My friend was saying how they had to step out of denial as their own past was being revealed to them through the therapy of EMDR used for PTSD. I find this so true still for me today. I often don’t want to remember that my past was one of abuse. My pride doesn’t want me admitting “I was weak”. As I listened to my friend I could easily see how they weren’t weak–they were abused. The same is true for me–I wasn’t weak, I was abused. I can admit that much more easily today, but there are times when Satan wants me to believe I was just weak.

I will never get over the loving, miraculous ways God uses in healing if we remain faithful to Him in addressing it with Him. Sharing our past becomes part of the healing agent. It helps me see that my past doesn’t own me as it so used to. The new creation He has made me to be is growing roots–Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

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