Today is reunion day for Kathy’s family. There are so many of them I only know by face and can’t remember their names. It is always good to see them for they are a very friendly bunch of people. God is an important part in most of their lives too which makes being with them even more rewarding. Kathy’s brother that lives in Hermiston, OR will be arriving this morning so we will get to see them also.

There were many little chores needing to be done yesterday which Dwight and I had done by about 2 yesterday afternoon. He suggested we tackle my computer getting files from the old one to the new one. I had no idea how long this might take but in 20 minutes it was all done. In watching him masterfully take care of this he looked at me upon completion and said, “Now you can know what to do next time.” I laughed. I told him that watching this type of work doesn’t teach me how to repeat it. I’ve got to have someone helping me to actually do it and do it many times in a row for me to get this into my head. I said this new computer was going to be my last laptop purchase for it will last longer than my consulting work will continue. Thus the need to do this again won’t need me trying to learn the skill.

There is a calm in this morning. I love early mornings when no one seems to be up but you and the birds singing away outside, I thank God or these moments of calm. God is so GOOD!

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