Today is Kathy’s birthday. She is holding fast to middle age, I am getting older. Either way, it is a day to celebrate. I’m so grateful God gave her to me and I to her more than 37 years ago now.

I was up early this am, 2:50 to be exact, to get my oldest daughter and my oldest granddaughter to the airport. My granddaughter is looking at colleges for her to attend when she graduates next spring. I love this kind of help especially when it is attached to such worthwhile purpose. Next week we drive to another one. She hopes to choose one of the two. I’m praying God will make the choice abundantly clear to her. She wants to be a special education teacher so this of course thrills my heart!

God is in control of all we do. When I simply take one small step away from the control center I can see this. I tend to get right into the control center before I realize I need to step back so I can let God do what is rightfully His to do–Lead me. I don’t want to be the one seen as in control. I want to be seen as one who obeys the leadership of God. This is truly a day by day surrender too for me. I give myself to Him today.

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