Today is my oldest living sister’s birthday and I forgot it until last night. July has a lot going on this year and this is one detail I’ve overlooked. I’m running to the store as soon as I finish typing this, get her the “right” card and mail it. Our reunion will be in just a couple days and she is no longer able to travel and come even though her heart will be present I’m sure. Alice has been instrumental in my recovery and I’ll always thank God for her sensitivity in seeing my need well before I was willing to step out of my denial.

If you haven’t read the first 9 chapters of I Chronicles, do it soon. It is an amazing list of the Jewish lineage. Starting with I Chronicles 1:27 you see Abraham’s name. It is there that God had made the promise of the Jewish nation starting with him. When I paused to think about this I realized for Abraham, it was only a promise. He and Sarah only had one son at that time yet God was telling him his offspring would be like the “sands of the seashore”. By the time you have read the 9 chapters I reference you see clearly the sands God was talking about. God’s promises are true but our limited mind-frame wants it true right now. God, instead of instantly gratifying this trait of flesh, tells us to have faith and then believe. Abraham did this and look at the results today!

This Saturday there will be about 105 Lewis’ gathering for our reunion. There will be at least 1/3 more unable to attend. These are the offspring of Harold and Opal. This morning I was reflecting for a moment about the correlation of I Chronicles and our own “sands of the seashore”. It is not so much that there are many of us, what truly amazes me is that all of them want to come and be here. Family is that important. On the surface, I’ve never believed I was important to our family. I was just an anomaly to be accommodated. Yet, I’ve learned I’m important just as my family is important to me. God is teaching me to believe and have faith just like He kept telling Abraham. God loves family and He wants us loving one another. I’m so glad we have each other to love. God is so GOOD!

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