Today is a new day and as I walk into it I’ve reflected on the day of yesterday. I have just reread yesterday’s blog entry and for the most part, the day fit right into what was planned. However, there was one specific item which never materialized and it left me very troubled by the end of the day. As I brought it to my Father this morning asking what I am to know and believe from Him for today, He spoke clearly. “If I am to be of assistance for someone, I must first believe I am bringing Light–God’s Light to the picture. I cannot be a Light carrier if I do not see the Light myself.”

In the situation of last evening I could only see frustration, man’s ways and man’s wants. I could hardly say anything for I could see nothing good attach to in words. Nothing was resolved and yet there were no condemning statements–only that sense of hopelessness. This morning God really awakened me to my role first and foremost. If I am to be a warrior in His Army I am to first of all prepare myself for battle. This means I am to believe He is present and allow Him to shed His Light. He only addresses hopelessness, as in the case of last night, as we put the hopelessness up against His Light. It is then that hopelessness is seen as darkness and the evil intent Satan has for it.

Yesterday was a day where I saw much of God’s Light as I walked through it. However, when I got to last night there was no Light shining. Now I recognize it (my part) and I believe. I believe there is an outcome which God will orchestrate. I will do the part He asks me to do and let His Light so shine!

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