Today has a number of tasks to get done. Some of them are simply chores like mowing the lawn, cleaning the swimming pool and treating the water; others are ministry things for the forthcoming start of Restoration classes in September and Celebrate Recovery’s kickoff in September. There are two other things which I typically would do with much anxiety for they are confronting issues. When I was talking to God about them this morning He was reminding me that doing things His Way enables people to see His Light which gives them direction. He does not condemn, He shows us how to get out of darkness and into Light. This is what He wants us to do when we need to confront someone–do it as He does–by shedding His Light. I can only do this when I let Him be in the lead and I am His servant. I really needed to hear this today and in so doing, all the anxiety left.

Wrapping up the reunion yesterday with the last of our company leaving, I have to say again just how much I loved this time. I got to know some of our family so much better and also got to know some family I didn’t know at all–only names. As I said yesterday, the thing I enjoyed the most was being myself without all the bondage of self-image I’ve carried all of my life until most recently. Being a new creation takes on a whole new meaning when we finally allow God to take the “stains of our past” and make them tools in His tool chest instead of “our identity”. To God be all Glory! How much I love Him!

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