Today I reenter the consulting work with the school district where I spend most of my consulting time. As I was having my devotions I suddenly was made aware that this time I am going into the school as a new creation. I’ve known for years that the promise of being a new creation is for all of us who have accepted Christ Jesus into our hearts. However, believing this to be unconditionally true for me was not there. Today, however, I believe this to be true. It is not something I know, it is something I believe as well as know. I don’t know how this may change anything I do, but I do know that I rest easier knowing it is not me who needs to be the one to help, it is me who needs to point always to the very One who will help as we turn to Him.

There are so many people crises at the present time. In them man has little or no peace. However, Jesus is wanting to be the answer for each and every one. Today I want to be an obedient servant to my Almighty King no matter what the problem or who I’m with. Jesus is always waiting for us to turn to Him and help others do so too.

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