Yesterday I didn’t plan enough time between getting up and leaving for an early doctor’s appointment in Boise–thus no blog. When I’d returned home, my wife Kathy told me my post hadn’t registered for the day. I rarely don’t get up in time to ensure this gets done, but yesterday was my exception. Sorry.

Today I have an unusual thing happening. There is a man who contacted me a week ago wanting to meet. He is finally ready to face “the demons” in his life he has kept in the closet. We talked on the phone a couple days ago and set this morning at 10:00 am to meet. He talked to me as though we know each other well. I cannot place who he is. I’ve racked my brain for any memory I’ve lost, but it all remains blank. I guess I’ll just have to wait until he arrives to know if I do know him or not. Either way, after we meet, I will then know him.

Yesterday, after the doc appointment I had one of my grandsons helping me with yard work. He wants to earn money for school clothes. He is at a very vulnerable age. We have set this Friday afternoon to go school clothes shopping. This morning I was journaling to Jesus about my concerns. When I asked Him what I’m to believe and know for today, His response was immediate. He said I am to not fret but anticipate. I cannot anticipate unless I believe Jesus is Real and is actively working. So today I’m going to believe Jesus is working regardless of what I can see. I believe He is putting together His Plan and I will take my step into it as He sheds Light for the step. Instead of fretting (worrying) I will anticipate, believing Jesus is truly working all the while!

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