Today I write to you as a new creation because of the blood of Jesus Christ and His Gift to me for accepting Him into my heart and His giving me The Holy Spirit to guide my every step. Yesterday I completed the journal I’d been using. So, this morning I went back and reread the first several entries from last mid-January when I’d begun using it. At the time I knew I was a new creation but I was not knowing this in my heart for it had not been transformed yet to me. I well remember when I did the lesson in Mending the Soul regarding the topic of neglect as one type of abuse. This had been the role of my mom and I finally faced it and forgave mom for being human and not “the super hero” I kept wanting her to become. Today I recognize Jesus Christ as this Super Hero. What a blessed awakening.

In the past 7 months God has opened my eyes to Him and His Son Jesus and to The Holy Spirit. I truly am a new creation! Also this morning, I recognize that when we become a new creation we enter into the start of eternity. We have God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit with us just as we will in heaven, but we recognize so little of it at this point. When our time comes we will finally be free of sin’s bondage in our life. However, now I begin to understand that the freedom of this bondage has already begun for me in finally believing I am a new creation!

The struggles of the past few days are still real. But headway is being made thanks be to God. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful this man is to be blogging today free of my past. I will use it the rest of my earthly days but I will not be pulling it along with me as I do use it. It now is a tool for me to use rather than a weighted chain which I drag and try to hide. Praise be to God!

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