The burdens of yesterday are very present still today. In fact, they and the weight of them had me awake much of the night. The couple with a son in jail talked at length with me last night. We prayed together. The other burdens are just as real today too. As I came to Jesus with all of these this morning a couple things began to become clear. First and foremost, I’ve just begun to read Job. Jesus reminded me that just as Satan tormented Job in every way possible, he will do the same to us. Job didn’t have Jesus at his time, but I do today just as we all do if we ask Him into our lives. So Jesus reminded me to turn Satan over to Him. Satan trembles in Jesus Presence and has to flee!

Secondly, Jesus pointed out that the ministry work of our restoration ministry is approaching. With this ministry we trample on Satan’s turf. He has more bondage here with God’s creation than in almost any other arena. So, should I expect to be under attack? Absolutely. He is choosing to attack my friends and my family at this present time. In times past I would pray relentlessly for these problems and try to steel myself to the weight of them. Today, however, I gave them to Jesus. I feel much lighter at this moment. However, I also know I am very human and I’ll likely need to give them again many times today as well as many more times in the next days ahead. What I do know is that Jesus is The Almighty Son of God. He is no longer in human flesh–He just knows it first-hand so He is the very ONE who represents our requests to God and stands in our gap when Satan tries to do his ugly work.

God’s Grace is Amazing. Today I pray for God’s Grace, no matter what it needs to be, to intervene in the cases I know as well as so many more I don’t. I want to be Christ’s servant obeying His Spirit’s voice within me. To God be ALL GLORY for Great Things He Has Done, Is Doing and Will Do.

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