the journey continues: aug. 23, 2019

The issues of yesterday had nothing to do with the website. The tower that feeds our wireless was haywire for the moment. I called to report the problem and while I was on the phone another person called in so they knew it wasn’t about my home, but larger than that. Within 15 minutes it was fine again.

The weight of hurt I mentioned yesterday that was burdening me is still present. However, steps are being taken. I am learning that supporting someone hurting still needs to look like support. So often I want to step into “telling” when only God’s TEAM (Jesus and The Holy Spirit) are the Ones to tell. Yet, they don’t tell, they nudge. The main one who is hurting right now has a wife who called me early this morning. She wanted to talk through her own involvement in this. I just know God is wanting us to let Him be the Guide. He leads to healing while man often leads to deeper chasms or thicker/taller walls. Satan loves to feed man’s work and I don’t want to lead anyone into this.

God is so good! How much I want to learn about His Ways so my actions reflect Him. I do know Trusting and Believing are the first thing I need to do before entering into any situation. Ground the situation in Trusting the One Who heals and Believing He has a plan already which will lead to His Healing.

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