It seems life’s stumbling blocks include the ones which impact this website. Yesterday’s entry was written and simply would not publish. I had finished it and when I tried to publish it, the button wouldn’t function. It was present, but wasn’t live. I could put many “human reasons” this happened but I’ll just leave it alone and write today’s entry for all seems to be functioning correctly today.

My friend did come yesterday morning and we had a tearful, truthful conversation regarding the issues at hand. I do love watching how Jesus takes all of the messes of life and turns them into moments where He brightens the Light and Hope for our healing. My friend wants healing so badly. I know this so well from my own journey, yet I also have wanted to stay in charge of how it should happen. It has only been as I’ve learned (and I’m still learning) to let Jesus be in charge of my healing. My ways often become the messes He has to turn around. This is what took place for my friend, yet I trust Christ’s faithfulness to take the actions of present (messes) and use them for His Honor and Glory.

Today we start the advertising for our restoration classes and Celebrate Recovery’s kickoff. We have needed a co-leader for one of the groups in order for it to take place. We were out with friends last night and I asked the one who had been through the class if she would consider it? Her response was, “I’m 99% certain my answer will be, Yes! But I need to pray and see if this is what God wants me to do.” I love watching how God works!

Jesus is really laying a foundation of believing for me. I’ve always looked at “believing” as something to do rather than as something firmly in place. The foundation I’ve had for believing has been made humanly in my mind. Jesus is wanting to replace it with His Spiritual Foundation. In the Spiritual realm, believing in Jesus and all that He is, is more solid than any foundation man has ever built in our human world. I never again want to limit Jesus by my finite belief. I want to believe and trust Him, then obey Him with my actions.

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