It really is amazing to stop each day and take a reflective moment to see what Jesus is doing in our personal life and in the lives of those He has placed with us. I don’t know about you, but if they are placed with me I sense a responsibility to help them with any area they may struggle with so they have health and joy in life. The weekend has had much disclosure of struggles in it which I know I’m not to carry as mine, but I’m to give them to Jesus who is the REAL HEALER and give of LIGHT.

Today I’ve been up for a while giving all of these burdens to Jesus. He is teaching me to praise Him for these burdens for they are the very things He uses to help people see their personal need for Him and His Healing Touch. He also is the LIGHT for which Peace and Rest come.

Yesterday’s sermon was all about God’s Rest. As I was journaling this morning about the weekend, Jesus reminded me of yesterday’s sermon and its application to me. For several weeks now Jesus has been teaching me and showing me my personal need to TRUST HIM fully. This morning He show me that the result of Trust is Rest. When I actually Trust Him I will Rest. This is the Rest God gives us. It isn’t enough to say I trust or know my need for trusting. If I truly TRUST GOD, my result will be REST.

Today I am going to begin a conscious TRUSTING as I go through the day. Life’s journey God has given to each of us does bring us not only to HIM, but to the freedom He so wants us to experience. Much of this freedom is tied directly to the belief I (we) have in TRUSTING GOD.

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