Turns out the website problems are only due to our wireless provider. The problems of the day use to be things like the tractor won’t start. Today it is so often connected to electronics and their functions or lack thereof. Life has its problems.

Yesterday was spent with our family getting together as we do about once a month–at least the afternoon was. I enjoy it at the time and then when I get away and relax I realize how unsettled I often feel by the time it is over. We brothers always do the same thing–bring up each other’s weak spots or behaviors and hone in on them and laugh and laugh. Today I realize this behavior of ours, at least for me, makes me feel disconnected. We rarely talk about the important things in life. I’m not even sure why this isn’t done? If we are with our wives, we are more apt to connect to important things. We get together to stay connected as family yet we use the time so poorly regarding closeness to one another. I’ll need to process this a little more.

The lesson of trust and surrender is still on the front burner. I’m going to see if today goes better in this arena. When I’m at work or with the ministry work I find myself better able to address this. When I’m with family I don’t know how this is done? It seems unsettling to me right now. I know this is an odd entry for today, but it does reflect just how I am feeling. I’m sensing I just need to go into the day and surrender “these feelings”. Feelings are just that–feelings!

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