This morning has been a much desired, insightful time with God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. I’m reading in the Psalms now during my devotional time. Psalms 22:3 says: “But You are Holy, O You Who dwell in the praises of Israel.” As you know, I use the Joyce Meyer Amplified Bible presently. She writes an insert she calls a “life point” regarding this verse. It really spoke to me. She writes, “I encourage you to take an inventory of your inner life because it is the dwelling place of God…. When we examine our inner lives, we are looking at holy ground where the Spirit of God wants to make His home. God is much more interested in our inner lives than in our outer lives, and we need to be more concerned about what goes on inside us than about our external behavior. Praise, worship, and honor God in your inner life. When your ‘insides’ are right, your ‘outsides’ will follow!”

I didn’t type her entire message in the above paragraph, but she included that our bodies are like the portable tabernacle Moses had for God’s dwelling place while the Israelites were in the desert going to their promised land. There was an outer court (our body), a holy place (our soul), and a most holy place (our spirit). As I was reading today’s scripture and read this from Joyce, I saw seemingly for the first time the truth of God’s making me a new creation when we turn our lives over to Him by accepting Christ Jesus into our lives. My struggle has always been to believe the “me” He created wasn’t clean and I never believed Him capable of removing sin’s stains from me so I could be clean. Today I know this as a lie and stand before my God as a clean vessel because of Jesus Christ and my body is a tabernacle for Christ Jesus and my most holy place (my spirit) now houses The Holy Spirit!

There is so much more I want to grow into as I learn well to surrender all of me to this Most Holy Team. How I love how God works!

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