Today’s journey is getting started a little later than usual. I arose early to realize my body was saying to go back to bed. That was a rare moment! I did and awoke two hours later. Wow, that was a surprise to me. I suppose I needed it.

As I got to my journaling this morning and wrote my question asking Jesus what He wanted me to know and believe from Him, I was taken back when I heard Him say He wasn’t done with the message of yesterday. The fact that I am a sanctuary where He and The Holy Spirit reside is needing to be better addressed. The fact that my will becomes His Will, my thoughts become His Thoughts, My words become His Words, my emotions His emotions and so much more, is startling to me. I’ve always been one to believe “we have our moments when God uses us”. However, the fact that Jesus wants me to surrender all of me to Him and that I could even be remotely like Him 24/7 is truly a wake up call. I’ve written so many times that I get into my day and forget that I have a Savior within me and a Holy Spirit within. My journey is bringing me to a point where 24/7 is the assignment.

Of late I’ve been impressed with how much God wants to be praised. My own selfishness thinks that God is doing this because He Himself is a selfish God. Yet, I’ve recently learned that Satan has to flee from God’s Presence. The reality of my praising God puts God’s Presence within my sanctuary’s outer court, holy place and most holy place. There is no entrance for Satan at that point. Once again I realize how God’s requirements for me to praise Him are for my own benefit. What I thought was somewhat selfish on His part, is actually for my own spiritual good. I know this is coming from Jesus wanting me to surrender all these parts of me so I can stay connected 24/7 to Him and The Holy Spirit. How I need to be an awfully good student to this important lesson!

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