Today would have been my parents 92nd wedding anniversary. Mom has been gone however for 20 years and dad has been gone for 16 years. As I was beginning to journal about this I wasn’t filled with pleasant memories. Instead of thanks I was filled with frustration. In taking it to Jesus, He asked me to praise Him. In so doing I instantly saw my siblings, my kids and grandkids and all my nieces and nephews. I smiled and thanked Jesus profusely. All of this fruit came from God blessing this marriage so long ago. Just last July we had a big reunion where over a 100 of the grandchildren were together. I do praise God and smile in doing so!

The meeting that was to take my morning was cancelled. Boy, am I a happy camper! Instead now, I can spray my grandson’s lawn which we planted last Spring. It is time to kill the last of the weeds in it. I can also tend to some details I need to get done for this weekend and work in my own yard. God is just unexpectedly good and I thank Him for this!

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