Have you ever been to a shelter to feed hungry people who don’t have a place called home? Have you ever been to a third world country and watched children who are finally given a full meal and witnessed their eyes, their actions, their eagerness and gratitude? Yesterday, I witnessed so many hungry people find their first real nourishment for a starvation that table food would never satisfy.

I knew that God had ordained this weekend with Christopher and his parents. I knew from the very start when the weekend we needed him to come was the only weekend he had available–this was going to be God’s moment! Yesterday was the day for so many hurting parents, friends and family members to be given Spiritual Food. This food didn’t satisfy a stomach’s hunger, it satisfied a soul which thought its loved one/s couldn’t be reached by the love I have to offer them. It was food that fed the mind with steps one could take to reach out to loved ones living in a sin which the world calls–choice and one that is good and acceptable. It is food that energizes one’s soul and spirit to know that I can put actions like a hug, a smile, a compliment and give it to someone who said they didn’t want to even see me.

Today a thousand and more will hear this story filled with hope and love. My heart rejoices, yet tears already form in my eyes knowing there are those whose hearts will wonder if this could ever be true for “me”? I pray God’s Light of Truth and Love will penetrate today to each listening heart so they will know this Truth is also for them!

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