Typing 9/16/19 above in the title brings me back to home. It is my 2nd grandson’s birthday. Yes, I’ve bought his card and gift which he’ll get later today, but it also reminds me how important my grandkids are to me. The weekend has been so full, and this morning’s devotional time has been so rich in reflection of it, I hadn’t remembered until typing the date, what is important for this very day–my grandson. I never want to lose sight of my family!

Last night ended with a message entitled “Running the Race”. In it Christopher told how he does his work always having accountability close by. He never travels without his mom and usually his mom and dad. He knows his flesh. He spoke of Billy Graham and the fact he always traveled with a plan and firm boundaries to keep his flesh in check.

This morning in my devotional time I was reflecting on the key points of the weekend’s messages which I need to put into my own life. The one which struck me most is the plan to address our “flesh”. I’ve always had this fantasy idea that if God would make me a “new creation” my flesh would no longer have any power over me. However, I’ve learned that a new creation has power over the flesh through a strong and stable accountability system. It doesn’t deny their flesh, it recognizes it and addresses it. I can’t begin to tell you the fears I’ve had of “recognizing my flesh”. If I ever did I thought I’d end up being like my dad or my brother. What I’ve found is I’m Earnie. They were Harold and Rich. I simply need to hold Earnie accountable to Earnie’s flesh. This isn’t something to hide, it is something to be intentional about.

Jesus is the perfect example for us as someone who had a good accountability plan in place. Scripture tells us over and over how he came before His Dad every day and, some days, all through the night to get his plan in place for the next day/coming days. If we are going to run the race as Hebrews 12 tells us, we must have a plan in place which God has outlined for us through His Word and through our coming to His Son Jesus each and every day to confirm we are on track with Him. Then, have our human accountability in place so we don’t step out of the plan we want to complete from Jesus’ leadership in our life.

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