Last night a group of us met to talk through next steps in addressing what ones had learned and been inspired to address from the weekend. We want to keep support in place, but does it need to grow and if so, how? It was an insightful conversation where we were able to get “some ducks in a row” for next steps God is shedding Light upon. Tonight starts our restoration classes. I feel as though today starts a new year of recovery where restoration is the outcome where God’s children are being restored to Him in greater fullness. This was certainly the case for myself from last year’s class. Today I know I am a new creation where last year at this time I only knew this in my mind–my soul and spirit only hoped this was true.

I’ve also talked to Kathy about how we can have a stronger accountability between the two of us. We’ve stayed connected working together in our Celebrate Recovery ministry and the Restoration ministry, but our personal accountability is left to others. I was inspired to talk with her about mine better connecting with her–(this is exactly what Jesus told me I was to do, His idea, my action). I know God is using this time to not only grow us individually into stronger disciples for Him, but in so doing, He is equipping us to stand strong in the evil battles of today. We are in Satan’s fertile land of sin. He will do all He can to bind us to our own past sin/s. God wants us (me) ready for this and awake to the reality of it. I sure don’t want to be caught off-guard as I’ve been many times in my past. Today I stand with Jesus.

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