This is the week of new beginnings. Tuesday we started the new groups for our restoration classes. Tonight we start the new year for Celebrate Recovery. It is a time of celebration and creating an atmosphere where Hope is transformed into reality. We are having several spontaneous, brief testimonies shared. Newcomers and those who haven’t attended very long will hear from those who are benefiting from taking the steps of recovery and willing to put words to what is happening in their lives because of their willingness to take these risks. It will truly be a night of celebration!

This afternoon I will facilitate a meeting for a neighboring school district that is attempting to rebuild their trust with their community/parents. A new superintendent has been hired and has asked me to do this. We have already met a couple times to prepare for it and now is the time for it to take place. It isn’t a setting where I can open in prayer, but I have already bathed it in prayer knowing The Holy Spirit is going to be the One I rely on as the meeting takes place.

The surrender of flesh, which has been on my heart and mind of late, is truly something I want to keep in the forefront of each day and during the day. I have spent my life suppressing the flesh instead of recognizing it and then surrendering it. This I am learning is the root of all addictions. I want my life to be a vessel filled with The Holy Spirit and where He is met by a willing servant ready to act on His nudges.

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