My word, how have I lived so long and been so unaware of “the flesh” of man? It is simply amazing to me to finally, after realizing I am a new creation, awaken to the flesh of man. The flesh is the residence of our sin nature. It is where Satan attacks us. It is the place I’ve always lived but have always kept myself in denial to its existence in me until of late. If I had lived knowingly in my flesh, I’m not sure what I’d done with Earnie. I was too grounded in the awful belief that I would be just like my dad had been or like my brother had been. Now that the truth is known and I realize I am a new creation, I can be Earnie in my own flesh. The sad part of this is I do truly recognize my sin nature and my helplessness without the full surrender of it to Jesus Christ. Growing in my spiritual strength is where I am today. I’ll likely be here the rest of my life!

I’m leaving in a moment to meet a young man for breakfast who had come to our Celebrate Recovery until he moved farther away. I’m looking forward to renewing the connection of friendship with him. He truly has a heart for God but battles his own flesh. The beauty is he is open to talking about it. I’ll let Jesus take the lead from here.

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