The beginnings of Fall have started. The much cooler nights, sunny days which are getting shorter and the hummingbirds leaving. I enjoy the cooler nights and mornings, but I never like to see the joy of the hummingbirds end.

The breakfast yesterday turned into a very lengthy conversation. I was so glad we got together. My friend seemed to be equally glad. I have been commenting of late on the flesh of man. The fact that now I know and believe I’m a new creation, awakens in me why I am a new creation–my old flesh is being overcome. I write this and even in so doing, I realize even more why I never thought I could be a new creation. How can one be a new creation when you are the sin of someone’s flesh? Not only are you the sin of someone else’s flesh, but the temptations are within you. These thoughts have haunted me my entire life. God is doing a miraculous healing for me in letting me now see the true sin nature of flesh, but with it, the truth that He sent His Son to pay the price of my sin, all sin. How I could know this for so many years but not believe it for me is one thing. To now know this and to now believe it is true for me feels like one tremendously huge miracle. I honestly feel clean!

Revelation 21:5 says: “…Behold, I make all things new.” This is what Jesus is doing for me–making all things new. How much I love Him for this!

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