Today begins Fall. I love the weather of Fall. I probably say this every start of it. I love cool mornings and heat in the day with the nights getting cool again. I am not a fan of what follows Fall, but I appreciate winter because every gardener knows the importance of a good one. The cycle of life continues!

Last night a received a couple of text messages which have greatly changed the course of this week. I am hoping to find out the reality of it today. Something is wrong and I’d appreciate knowing the details of it. Until then, I wait as patiently as I can.

This journey of life is all about man, flesh, selfishness, etc. Then God enters the picture and something far greater than man and his limitations becomes the purpose for living. Being awake now to my own flesh is causing me to finally understand that there is nothing in life that doesn’t connect to man’s flesh. I’ve lived so long in my tiny closet of denial thinking flesh was what I didn’t want so I wouldn’t be dad or my brother, then I awake to find Earnie’s flesh. It is just like all man’s flesh. However, this God of ours offers so much that attracts me. Living one day at a time, one moment at a time, takes on new meaning when it is all about surrendering the flesh I now know. I never want to slip back into the old life from which I came.

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