The problem I mentioned yesterday is real and is likely to have some negative impact before it is resolved. I can’t at this time know the specifics of it and I find my emotions in a quandary because I’m usually in the arena of helping work through these types of issues. I know I’m to be present and to simply do what I can do. Waiting at a time like this is not easy, but I know it is right.

Tonight we have our restoration classes and we will step into the lessons for each one. Unless things change tonight, we will not have classes for each of the topics. People didn’t come last week for a couple of them. There are only two more sessions to see if anyone does come for them. I fight within myself and in my mind with the wonderment of people who know they need help but won’t step out for it. How I wish man were not so resistant at times like these. I know these are God’s areas so I let them go. However, my own spirit struggles within knowing that bondage is found to be a false protection until it becomes so great one can’t live with it any longer. I pray for these ones I know by name and for the multitude of those I don’t know at all. Pray with me, please.

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