Hallelujah it is a day to be home! It seems funny to enjoy a day when I can mow the lawn, clean the garden, dig potatoes and onions, pick tomatoes, gather the squash, all of which is part of fall.

In my scripture reading, last few chapters of Proverbs, I love the power given to God’s Word. In it is added that man can never try to add to God’s Word without consequence. God’s Word is complete and stands alone without any of man’s help. God’s Word is WISDOM. When I sometimes struggle with it, it is not my place to try and put my own words to it. Instead, I need to stay with the mystery of it until God reveals the truth of what I’m missing.

God wants me and each of us to be a complete follower of His Son Jesus. It takes complete surrender to be the person Proverbs outlines. Jesus is our example. I want to keep Him first and foremost in the front of my day and throughout it.

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