I am so glad it is Friday. I have a day of training today and at the end of it I meet with the new superintendent I’ve begun to do some work with. By the time I get home tonight I want to enjoy a time of just resting. This week has been one not necessarily feeling like “I’m retired!”

I loved what my devotional reading and scripture reading had to say this morning. When I have a week like this one filled with deeper, unspoken issues of man which trouble the soul, I begin to look too closely at man and see the future built around man and his behaviors. Then I pick up today’s devotional and read about God Almighty and This Almighty Son of His. On top of that I continue to read about This Almighty Holy Spirit which lives right in us–within you and me. I then am reminded that God’s Ways are not mans’ ways and the outcome of mans’ ways is only an indication of man. Yes, each of mans’ ways will impact eternity, but God knows all of this and works with all of it.

I truly needed today to be reminded that God is not only sovereign, but He is Almighty. If I keep my eyes on Him, His Son Jesus and listen closely to The Holy Spirit’s nudges within me, I won’t allow mans’ ways to take me down. God’s Ways lift us up. Satan is the one who wants us down. I choose to look up and keep focused on this Magnificent God we get to serve!

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