I am amazed always by the work of Jesus. All of my life I’ve wanted to be “better than” my dad and my brother. So, little did I know that with this internal drive I was allowing them to be my measurement for being “good”. God sent His Son Jesus to be our example. I knew this, but in my mind I seldom looked to this example. In my recent awakening to being “a new creation” I am finding myself awakening so much more to my own flesh and its weakness. When my flesh was weak before this time of awakening I would look to dad and tell myself that at least I wasn’t like him. I would likewise look at my brother’s life and tell myself the same.

God is wanting me to mature in this area of being a new creation. I am finding that when Paul, in the New Testament, praised God for his weakness because it was only then that he could be strong, this is what God is wanting me to see about myself. My measurement for living was never to be like dad or my brother, but it was to always to be like Jesus Christ. God even gave me The Holy Spirit within to help me with this.

This morning as I continue my reading in the devotional, it’s title was “Teaching and Learning”. Its message was all about what God has been showing me. Secondly, the message of Ecclesiastics is also about what Solomon was learning about himself and God. In Solomon’s old age he saw the frailty of man and his abilities–most of which are driven by pride and selfishness. Our flesh is never satisfied. However, in Christ Jesus, there is continuous purpose, hope and gratification in doing God’s Will. I don’t like being shown this “flesh of myself”. However, as I now see it I don’t want to be owned by it and its falseness. The teaching God is doing and the learning I am gleaning is where I want to stay.

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