Today is the 37th anniversary for Kathy and me. It was then that we started our journey together living our lives as a team of three having God at the helm. As I reflect on this for a moment I realize at least in part just how much Kathy has modeled for me the love God wanted me to know from Him which included Grace and Mercy.

Kathy was the first person I ever told of my past. When I did tell her about 6 months into our marriage, I had asked her to pack her bags ahead of telling. I knew she would leave the moment she found out how black I was inside. I simply couldn’t hide this darkness any longer. Instead of leaving however, she asked me to get help. In fact, the first question she asked me was, “Would you be leaving if I’d just told you something similar to this about me?” Well, I knew I wouldn’t be leaving if this were so. I told her I just hadn’t thought of it that way. I was too consumed in my own shame and belief of myself.

Over the years I first saw God’s faithfulness to me through Kathy’s solid commitment to our marriage. All of this time I thought I needed to earn God’s love. Instead, God had given me this precious gift of a wife to model what love is truly about. How could a man be so fortunate?!! Having a God Who loves me unconditionally and to also have a wife who does the same is amazing! Kathy has always said she married me for who I am, not for what I could do. God had been trying to tell me this for years but it took a wife (Kathy) for Him to convince me of what this looks like. How much I love both of them for this!

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