This morning’s devotional time has revealed to me something I need to address. A few days ago I wrote about Joyce Meyer stating in one of her writings that when we are addressing strong relationships like marriage we need to respect the differences and assist/support with weaknesses. Intimacy in relationships sees differences as just that. We can leave them alone because many differences help complete our own weaknesses. Intimacy in relationships recognizes the differences and communicates for clarity so we build one another rather than divide and often offend one another.

As I was journaling this morning regarding the consulting work I do, Jesus seemed to bring this topic into my work. Recently, I had done more than an administrator wanted me to do with a new staff member when he was absent one day. I had addressed the situation as though I were in charge. I didn’t intend to do this, but that is the way it was perceived. We talked about it and I apologized. This morning I could easily see that I had taken what was a different approach to a situation (on the administrator’s part) and addressed it as though it were a weakness on his part (as he saw it). In so doing I offended the administrator. When intimacy is healthy it builds trust. I don’t want to do something that destroys trust or stomps on it. I think Christ was showing me a lesson for which I need to be more vigilant as I work each day. I want my ways to be like Christ’s ways–not mine,

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