Yesterday was a day of clarity. As I arrived to the school I was informed that a meeting was taking place later in the morning to address the absence of the one admin. I would be informed following the meeting. The meeting lasted about an hour and just as I was told, I was approached by the superintendent. He and I talked regarding the next steps which could now be taken. Here I am working with three fine, young men all given big assignments. One of them messes up and is actually fortunate it didn’t cost him his position. The rest of this year will likely determine any future he might have in this district and in the profession.

I have been praying for this clarity and for the different ones involved directly and indirectly. Now that I know I can be more intentional. My flesh wants to rush into this and “make all things new”. But, as I was reading my devotional this morning I found its message to be most appropriate. Its title is “Wise Words”. It states that wisdom is the ability to apply godliness in everyday living. I realize that in the days ahead there will be opportunities to apply what God wants done. I want to be His servant in this and surrender my desire to rush in. The one young man who came for the meeting told me when he arrived that he wanted to talk with me and reflect on all of this in days ahead. This will be the timing I’ll wait for–when God opens the door.

God is always good and His timing is always perfect. How I have to awaken to this truth over and over!

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