God has a message today He wants me to register, hear and take note. It was brought out first in my devotional reading. The message is that in all God does through miracles, acts of Grace and Kindness are primarily done to bring Honor and Glory to Himself. We want to receive some of glory stroking our own pride, but God is doing what He does to bring people to Him, not to us. This message was again brought out in my scripture reading in Isaiah. In it God is telling Isaiah that the people of Israel are turning to Egypt for their protection. The same people that enslaved them are not being asked to protect them. Israel had lost sight of Almighty God being who parted the Red Sea, parted the Jordan River, broke down the walls of Jericho. Yes, He did this for the people of Israel, but in so doing, He wanted them to see Him.

My lesson in this is the reminder that no matter what I face or we face, God will do what he will do to bring Honor and Glory to Himself. We may be given some attention in the process or we may not. We are not the key–God is. Some of what I am presently doing has walls needing to crumble. I keep asking God what I should do? Today, His message is to watch what He will do. If He wants me to do something He will let me know. I just need to plant the seeds He has given me to plant and then let Him do the work of growing the seeds until harvest time. It is time for me to be a good farmer tending the crop knowing God is the One who grows the crop to harvest.

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