I’m glad to see Friday arrive. It is not a free day as I’m leaving to work with another school today. However, this visit today is the last of three so I can start putting a plan in place for next steps. As I was journaling about this a little while earlier I was asking Jesus for help with this. Instead, I got informed that He already has a plan and He is wanting me to see what He already knows. The plan which will be put together is already done. I just need to be a good listener at the right time and He will unfold what that is to be. I am not to jump ahead of today as I experience today. Boy, does Jesus know me well!

A couple of days ago I got an invitation to come to a middle school which is having a literacy night. The organizer is inviting Idaho authors to come and “inspire writing” for the students of the school. I emailed to this person and told them about my book and that the topic is likely too graphic for their age level. She wrote back yesterday and said she’d just finished it and it is just what is needed for them. The school is high poverty with many students who don’t have a plan for their future. She said, “Your book and being able to talk with you will give them hope.” My word, the only reason I wrote the book was to give hope for those who wouldn’t have it otherwise. This school is 150 miles away, but it seems God has opened this door so I told them, “yes” and I will come.

Jesus is a Wonderful God. Serving Him is sometimes (actually often) a bit confusing, but He always sheds Light at just the right time. I do love being a child of the King.

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