Yesterday’s message to me was to be one of obedience taking a look at the day from a perspective different than my own–man’s, and seeing from a perspective far beyond me–God’s. As I got to church for our worship team practice I had a gentleman come up to me asking if I were the one responsible for Christopher Yuan coming a month ago to speak at our church for the weekend? I told him yes that’s true. He thanked me for this as it had been most meaningful to him. Within a few minutes our senior pastor came up to me telling me that two couples he’d met last Sunday had made our church their home. They’d both come for the first time on the Sunday Christopher had come. They were so impressed that our church would host such an event that they wanted to make it their home.

As the service moved into sermon time, our pastor spoke on Grace. The message took us to the Grace extended to us by God and His expectation of us extending this same Grace to others in our own lives. I hate to admit this, but just last week I’d had a talk with the Celebrate Recovery ministry leaders about a conversation I was going to have with our pastor/s. It seemed to me that they’d given so little attention to the Christopher Yuan weekend in follow-up that his message seemed lost and the efforts to get him here were futile. Of course, then I hear those messages. As I get home a friend stops by our house telling me how they’d sent 6 of Christopher’s books to some people who desperately needed to hear his message.

There is more I could add to this Grace account, but just this much reminds me what God was wanting me to know about seeing the day yesterday from His perspective and to quit looking through my own lens. Grace is not found in man’s lens unless God’s perspective is in control of it. I learned a lesson yesterday I don’t want to forget. God is so good. I don’t see His Goodness if I don’t remove my own blinders and ask Him to let me see through His eyes.

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