God never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday I was in a mindset built around a conversation I thought I would be having with one of the administrators for which I work. He had some tough stuff which he’d not addressed well and needed to reflect on it with me. I was gearing myself up for the conversation. As I was headed to the car for the 1.5 hr. drive I got a text saying he’d not be there yesterday. He was going to a training the State Dept. of Ed was offering. My day I thought would just be working the teachers in both of the elementaries. This was my surprise–the superintendent was at the first building when I arrived. He wanted to go with me to each of the classrooms I would be observing and he also wanted to see how I’d write the report I give back to each teacher following the observation. His educational background was in Special Education and he wanted to know more about the regular classroom instruction. He ended up also going with me to the 2nd school where I was assisting with the staff meeting. In the meeting I was presenting to the teachers about a process they seemed to have little information about. On my way home from the day I get an email from the superintendent with a 26 page document attached. I looked quickly at it when I got home. It was an excellent document outlining the process I was talking to the staff about. Here the district had this in place but the staff knew nothing about it.

As I began my Bible reading this morning I was nudged by God’s Spirit to see the connection between yesterday and my Bible reading today. How often the document with all the clarity needed is right in my chair, our chair. If I don’t pick it up and read it or if it isn’t shared with me, it is just a document which has no power. The Power of the Bible is in its Words. I read daily the Bible, but today I was inspired to listen carefully to its message for the relevance God wanted me to glean. He is so AMAZING!

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