It is so nice to have an entire day without obligations except the things I’d like to get done. I always feel grateful and selfish when these come. I’ll let the grateful overpower the selfish and get my garden wrapped up and the lawn mowed for the last time. I even feel excited I get to do this!

As I was having my devotional time this morning I was journaling about an issue I’m facing. All I could see was this issue as I began to address Jesus about it. In asking Him what I should do, He simply reminded me that the issue is just that–an issue. He told me to keep my mind’s eyes on the Victory Sign at the end. This issue will be gone and the Victory Sign will be next. I really was needing to hear this. The great thing which awakened in me is that this is what a new creation does–looks to the Victory Sign–Jesus Christ, rather than to the issues of life which Satan is always throwing into our face. As I see Jesus I also see the problem just as that–a problem, rather than a brick wall. Jesus really is our Savior and Friend as well as Almighty God!

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