Today ends a very busy week for a retired grandpa. Every day has had a full day of work and nights filled too. I will go back to one of the school districts at noon today and then the rest will begin. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining however, God has richly been at work. In so many surprising way I’ve watch Him take charge and been a part of His taking charge throughout this past week. Even last night, our little worship band for Celebrate Recovery, has a new spirit of life in it. The ministry also had several newcomers last night which is always a shot in the arm. God is such a marvelous God!

This morning’s devotional time has focused on the way God first of all prepares us to go out into the field to tell others about Him. He does this by building an intimate, loving relationship with Him. It is then that we are ready and able to go. I’ve known this a long time. However, only of late have I realized that when we now go into the field, we are not earning our privileges with God. We are simply sharing The God we love. I’m so grateful to finally be at a place where I know beyond a shadow of doubt–God loves me as I am. There is nothing to earn–it truly is a GIFT. I simply accept it. This is what I want to share more than anything.

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