This journey of life does have its surprises. As I wrote yesterday, my wife and I drove to a middle school where literacy was being promoted with several opportunities for the kids to be story-book characters, go to stations where they had face-painting, and more. There was one area where four authors displayed their work so kids and parents could ask their own questions or pre-written ones to learn about the importance of writing and what goes into it.

The evening was a delight meeting a few kids and also some parents and their kid/s. There were also a few educators I have known from this school district who were present. It was good to see the support they were offering to the kids in this area. As I was reflecting on all of this during my devotional time this morning I realized once again how God uses us in so many different ways. He seemed to say that I was planting seeds yesterday. With that I was to let Him do the rest. My flesh wants to know more about how God would do this or just exactly what does He have in mind? But, His message was simple–plant the seeds and He will do the rest. Now it is time to move into today.

One of my surprising moments yesterday was calling my prayer warrior in the morning. I wanted her to know what was going on so she could be praying about it. I found myself being overly tormented with old thinking. Just talking with her and listening to her helped me get grounded once again in God’s purposes. God opens doors and asks us to step in. My role was to go. All of my “what if’s” were not from Him–they were from my old life which is buried at the Cross of Christ. That’s what I needed to get grounded in and God did just that through this very kind prayer-warrior He has given me.

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