This journey of ours–how I would love for it to have a clearer understanding built into it for the spiritual side. Man is so driven by flesh and our thinking is so instantly influenced by our own wants/desires. Then, following this, God reveals His spiritual message/intent. I can go for days thinking what I’m doing is right in line with God’s purposes. Then, in an instant, all of the plan falls apart because one person decides differently, decides the plan isn’t for them, decides they don’t like it after all. If God weren’t already perfect in every way, none of us would exist. He’d just have to give up on us.

So, ok, I have this off of my chest and have surrendered it to God Almighty who is perfect in every way. I am reminded I can only do my part and others need to do theirs. I am not the one who paves the path for others–God does that. My role is to assist others on the path God lays out for them. This includes my own path as well. In my mind I think–“yes, we are finally on the right path”. I totally lose sight that being on the right path is as fragile as flesh is dominant in man.

God is so patient and I know He wants me to be this way too. He certainly has been patient with me and I need to be with so others as I follow the path God gives me.

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