Yesterday’s morning was nothing more than one crisis following another. By noon time I was emotionally spent. There were only two issues being addressed, but both of them were so deeply troubling and involving several people I have grown to love and respect. By the time the day wrapped up everything a person could do had been done. It was now up to the individuals directly involved. I felt as though I’d done what I was led to do and I actually restrained from doing what my emotions wanted to have me say/do. It simply was a difficult day. In the afternoon I had two more meetings which took the rest of the day but in both of them, the outcome seemed Godly.

The day ended with a 2 hour practice for the Christmas program our choir is doing at church early in December. We actually have a 6 hour practice today. I enjoy singing but I am not an actor and there is much drama built into the production. This puts me on edge. I told Jesus this morning that I wasn’t sure I am doing this to honor Him or doing it because I didn’t want to tell our choir director (whom I like immensely) that I wanted to bow out of this. Anyway, there is much to memorize also.

I’m thinking my journey this morning is only about complaining! Now that all of this is written I am going to step into the day with a different attitude knowing God is already in it and I’m going to join Him. Thank you Jesus!

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