I love a nice quiet home in the early mornings. It simply allows me to hear and think clearly. That is today. Our home doesn’t have little ones in it unless company is here and Kathy is gone for the weekend so it is only me. I don’t want this long term, but I do enjoy the quiet of solitude.

Today in my scripture reading in Jeremiah, God is telling him to prepare himself to give rough, tough messages to the people of Jerusalem. Jeremiah 5:14 is the exact verse. Joyce Meyers writes a note regarding this message. She tells that each one of us helping others face strongholds in their lives should prepare. Ask God to help us face Satan’s attacks on us as we help others do the same. I really needed to read this after last week. I don’t want to be surprised by Satan’s attacks, I want to be prepared for them and expect them. As I write this I know that if someone were talking to me about their experiences, I’d tell them to prepare and to expect. It was a good wake up and reminder for me.

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