God is a Wonderful God of second chances as we strive to pursue His Ways. I know this personally for myself and also in witnessing this in others. I recently was asked to write a “letter to the editor” regarding a former student of mine who was now running for a city office with the voting yesterday. He had been a state senator a few years back but got himself into some ugly situations which caused him to need to resign from the position. Now many years later, 6 years, he has restored his marriage, his walk with God and was ready to see if the community would restore him in the political world. He text me yesterday morning asking if I could contact folks encouraging them to vote which I did on Facebook. Results–he won. I really do see this as God giving him a second chance. He really is a good man and has learned much about life and how to surrender what is God’s to address rather than for him to address it.

Last night’s class for us men was a challenge. It hit sexual abuse right in the face. There were moments in doing the assignment where I had to put it down and return later. However, I find myself able to talk about a few items which I couldn’t speak out loud a year ago. When it was done and I was leaving, one of the gals came up to me in tears. She told me she was so stunned to find that there are other women able to speak about their past in ways she hadn’t been able to until last night. God is so good at taking our past and using it to help another soul face theirs. How I love God for this!

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