God truly is amazing! The ups an downs of man have no effect on the stability of God. Thankfully God is steadfast and sure as the old hymn , “My Anchor Holds”, says.

Yesterday afternoon the Lewis’ brother’s and spouses got together for our monthly luncheon. It was nothing but fun and laughter. I don’t think any of us were sure about this monthly get together when we started it a couple years ago, but amazingly now I look forward to them. The touching part of yesterday was hearing my oldest, living brother give the blessing before we ate. They were hosting the meal and he blessed the food. He got a little choked up and so did some of the rest of us. For many years he has not made God a priority in his life, but today, God is high on his list. Praise God!

Today is the leadership meeting for our Celebrate Recovery group following the worship services. It is an important one. It seems the ministry is at a crossroad. Are we going to commit to doing whatever is needed or are we going to just do what is comfortable? I think God puts man up against these times so we can choose either to follow the comfortable (selfish) ways of man or choose to surrender to doing all that God nudges us to do? I do believe this will be the major outcome of today’s meeting–making the choice. I pray we will each be good listeners to The Holy Spirit and good responders also.

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