God is always so good. The meeting yesterday for our Celebrate Recovery ministry was a wonderful one. There is much work to be done but the right people are now committed to doing what is needed. There are some difficult issues being faced, but they are now being faced and that is what God has been wanting done. At the end of the meeting I had three different individuals wanting to talk regarding their own “demons” presently being faced. The meeting opened up the door for this to happen. Praise God!

There is something I am noticing about myself presently on my journey. For all of my years of living I’ve told myself I am stable and steady. This was an easy estimation because my eyes were always using my dad as my measuring stick. I never conducted myself remotely like he did. My sins didn’t abuse anyone in the ways my brother’s did or my dad’s did. God has now removed these two as my measuring stick. He has now replaced them with His Rightful Son–Jesus. Now, I see myself as a sinful man restored by Grace. I see my wishy-washy ways. No, they are often not like dad, but they are truly like me–man. I’ve realized how much I need to stay in touch with Jesus and sense His Holy Spirit so I can be their reflection. There is no reflection of Jesus when I am trying to not be like my dad or brother. I just looked like a man. It is amazing to me to become awake to being a new creation. In so doing, God has me now seeing myself as his creation in this fallen world. What I do with it is a daily commitment and assignment. It starts with recognition of who I am and surrendering to God so I can truly “be” His servant. What I do is out of “being a servant led by Him”. It all starts with my devotional time each morning.

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