The message of yesterday morning seemed to hit today. God wanted me to relax and take a reprieve. Last night I set the coffee pot to be ready this morning 15 minutes later than normal thinking I’d sleep an extra 15 minutes (this would be my relaxing). Well, this morning when I awoke I was within the 15 minutes so I closed my eyes thinking I’d sleep a few extra minutes. When I awoke it was another hour which had passed. I guess I did relax!

One of our assistant pastors gave the sermon yesterday. In it he challenged us to let God take our head allowing Him to turn our eyes towards the things in life for which we should be grateful but may be taking for granted. We may too often be concerned (worried) about those things for which we are to let God handle. As he was delivering the message it hit me that this same God who had spoken to me about how to live as a new creation is giving this message to Pastor Ryan. It helped me see that all of us are learning how to live as the new creation God gave us through His Son Jesus Christ.

I don’t want to try and take charge of my days, I want God doing that. I want to know that I am completing God’s charge in my life. I also want to realize totally that the person I am is the person God created. I don’t have to prove anything to Him. All this time He has been trying to take my face and help me turn my eyes totally to be on Him. Boy, do we serve a tremendously GREAT & PATIENT GOD!

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