Jesus wanted me to know something this morning that I wasn’t expecting to get out of my day’s devotional time. Since today is Sunday and I have worship team and choir along with church, I was going over the rest of the day with Jesus as I began to journal. As this ended I began to write out what the next week had in it. Because I don’t go to schools this next week I had in my head that I could do things for Jesus I don’t get done otherwise. So, when I asked the question of what He wanted me to know from Him for today, His response was the following message. It started with a question asking me if I am still unaware that the work I do is for Him? Secondly, He asked if I don’t recognize the fact that He gives breaks in all our assignments for our body to rest and our mind and emotions to rest. Our flesh needs to regroup or it wears down. He said I need to take a look at this closed mindset I have about breaks in my work’s schedule. These are not to then be “work time for Him”. All of my days are orchestrated by Him. The breaks are also orchestrated by Him and what He has me to do with them will also be. Take the time and relax in flesh knowing this is part of His assignment.

This old character defect of mine that I must have all of my time utilized with “purpose” is not to be defined by me any longer. If I am to be a 24/7 servant of the King–Jesus Christ, I need to recognize the gifts of relaxation and reprieve He gives. I also need to better see that the work I do is not for me in hopes Christ is in it too. It is exactly what Jesus is wanting done and I am there with Him instead of the reverse: He with me.

To live as a new creation is sure needing to redo so much of how I think and operate within my head. God is chipping away at this. I want Him to have full access to all of me and I want to be His servant receiving all He has for me which includes times of reprieve.

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